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Shrink Wrap

Balcan Plastics/First Film Extruding’s MarineMax® boat wrap was initially developed in the early 1970s and has been refined over the years to become an industry standard in terms of quality. The high-strength plastic film was conceived for the winterization of boats and yachts. This film is extremely clean and very resistant, providing optimum protection during the winter months as well as proper storage for boat manufacturers. MarineMax® features high shrinkage levels as well as high resistance to burn-through.

Heat Shrink Wrap - Also referred to as shrink film, is a thin film like material made up of polymer plastic blends. When heat is applied to the material it shrinks tightly over the object that it is covering. Heat is applied manually with a hand held heat gun

Gauge or Thickness – Gauge is measured in increments of one one-thousandth of an inch or MIL; for example, 6 mil measure .006” or six thousandths of an inch to avoid confusion the industry simplifies this to six mil.

Tensile Properties – under strict testing guidelines, all of our stock films tensile strength has been tested by pulling a strip of the material until it breaks in order to measure elongation strength under load and strength at break. For example, our stock seven (7) mil shrink films have an elongation or stretch-ability of 650% and a break point of 3000 PSI.

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